About Us

FamilyVision is a non-profit, leadership training ministry committed to "Building Families, Training Leaders." We provide life-changing conferences, seminars and classes in partnership with churches, schools, and homeschool groups. Our vision is to help raise up leaders who intentionally live life to glorify God by impacting the culture for Jesus Christ.

FamilyVision is committed to helping local churches develop strong family ministries. We provide a paradigm, a process, and tools to help the leadership of the local church build strong marriages and families that make a difference in the lives of others. Most parachurch ministries operate outside the church. FamilyVision works primarily in and through the local church.

FamilyVision's Five Initiatives:

1. "Spectacular Marriage" - a Friday night/Saturday event or series dedicated to building healthy, growing marriages. The best part of "Spectacular Marriage" are the couples projects, where principles are applied in a way that really makes a difference. Much more information at www.spectacularmarriage.com/addtlinfo.htm

2. Marriage and Family Counseling - We provide individual, marriage, and family counseling to those living in central Ohio. We are also willing to provide counseling on a sliding fee scale, based on financial need.

3. "The Call to Lead" - a Saturday or Friday night/Saturday morning event for men. There is an urgent need for men who are willing and able to lead. More than inspiration - we provide practical training.

4. "Family Vision" - a Friday night/Saturday event or series dedicated to giving parents a multi-generational view of family, and equipping them to successfully lead their children. Immediate concerns dominate American family life. Parents need time to step back and see the "big picture." This hands-on, project driven conference encourages fathers to lead and enables couples to develop a vision and a plan for family life.

5. FamilyVision Schools / WAHA - an innovative school serving approximately 175 students. We provide a high-quality Christian education for about 1/4 of the cost of traditional Christian schools. More information at www.wahaohio.com

Gary Lankford is the President of FamilyVision, and the founder and Headmaster of FamilyVision Schools / WAHA, (www.wahaohio.com) serving the families of approximately 175 students. FamilyVision Schools provide a high-quality Christian education for about 1/4 of the cost of traditional Christian schools.

Gary is the previous Headmaster and history teacher for a classical Christian school. His teaching experience includes over five years in Campus Crusade for Christ at Ohio State University and Florida State University, two years as Director of Christian Education at an evangelical church in Alabama, and many years teaching children's church, youth and adult Sunday school classes.

Gary also served as both a traveling speaker and the Ohio Coordinator for TeenPact, a national youth ministry that teaches students about government and citizenship.

Gary's professional experience includes stints as a major account rep for a national business equipment firm, as a stockbroker for major brokerage house, and most recently as a senior account executive with a leading consulting services IT firm. Gary and his wife, Marilyn, have been married since 1985, and have four children, ages 13-20.

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