Is your church well-known for
Spectacular Marriages?

Hallmarks of a Spectacular Marriage:
We love spending time together
We are growing in intimacy and oneness
We are producing a godly heritage
We are making a difference in other's lives
We are excited about our future together

Our byline is, "Finally, a Marriage Conference Husbands Enjoy!" It's true - read the comments! We use drama, multimedia, and interactive projects to great effect. Above all, we are practical. Since marriages grow most when couples are talking to each other, most sessions include a project that husbands and wives complete together. Let us help you build Spectacular Marriages!

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  • Session 1 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Fun is an important part of marriage! If you've "lost that loving feeling," it may be that your relationship is simply fun-deficient. Does your relationship feel like all work and no play? Do you ask yourself, "Why does this have to be so hard?" Are you bored with your mate? Fun, creative playtime is the answer. We'll show you how to bring the *pizzazz* back into your partnership.

  • Session 2 - How Relationships Work

    You won't believe that no one ever explained this to you. What makes people 'happy' and 'unhappy' in marriage, and why conflict can be your very best friend in marriage. In fact, I used to call this session, "Conflict is Good. Really!"

  • Session 3 - We Are So Different!

    Strong differences can drive couples apart. But they don't have to! We'll show you how to handle differences, weaknesses, and sin in your marriage, and how God actually uses those for your good, making your marriage stronger.

  • Session 4 - The Change Process

    Wouldn't you love to be able to change your marriage? Most couples are "trapped" by their habits of thought, feelings, and behavior toward each other. We'll show you how to break free from much of that, and how to walk through the change process in your marriage. You CAN have a better marriage - but not if you keep doing the same things you're doing now.

  • Session 5 - Ledger People

    You'll learn how to move away from performance-based relationships to grace-based relationships. You'll learn to apply the gospel to your marriage. This will totally transform your marriage and all your other relationships, too.

  • Session 6 - Learning to Listen

    Most couples, honestly, don't communicate very well. To change your relationships, you have to change your conversations. A big challenge is learning to speak honestly, and to actually hear the other person - what they are actually thinking and feeling. We'll show you how.

  • Session 7 - Conference Specific

    The 7th session varies by conference. Don't you love surprises?

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