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The greatest need in America today is the need to build strong marriages and families. We created Spectacular Marriage to stimulate healthy marriage growth by communicating key principles in an entertaining, practical way that couples can immediately apply.

The great strength of conferences is significant change in a short time through focused instruction. The great weakness of conferences is the lack of follow-through and supporting relationships needed to make change long-lasting.

Our goal at FamilyVision is "Building Families, Training Leaders." Since we seek change that lasts, we want to partner with churches and others who will help families apply and multiply the principles we teach. Although we believe Spectacular Marriage is successful as a stand-alone event, we are convinced much greater impact results when churches use our conferences as a catalyst for sustained marriage and family building efforts.

For that reason, FamilyVision is committed to partnering with churches on a continuing basis. In addition to the other conferences we offer, "uLead" and "Developing a Family Vision," we can provide family ministry development consultation on an individualized basis. Please contact us for more details.

The Spectacular Marriage conference fee is just $49/per person, and includes materials. Some groups prefer to absorb some of the conference fees, enabling them to offer conference attendance at a lower price to their members. For example, one church paid a flat fee + travel, and offered the conference at just $49 per couple, a 50% discount.

We want to make the conference available to as many couples as possible. We will be glad to discuss your specific situation, and give you additional details on bringing the conference to your group, including possible dates.

Your partner in ministry,

Gary Lankford
President, FamilyVision
"Building Families, Training Leaders"

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